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Series T:
Expansion Gaps

Expansion Gaps may be required every 150 feet for steel conductors and every 100 feet for copper conductors, this length expanding 1" in 100°F temperature change. Set up gap with jumper as shown (i.e. 0°F 1" gap, 50°F 1/2" gap, 100°F 0" gap). Two extra power feeds and a jumper bridge the gap electrically. Hanger clamps held in the grooved Gap Guide Bracket align the two conductors. Extended joint cover and insulating cover complete the installation. The support bolt on the guide frame must go to a conductor mounting bracket. (For low amperage applications, if there are no runway expansion gaps to match, expansion gaps may be omitted.)

Series T Expansion Gap Kits

Isolation Points - A rigid plastic sleeve, providing 1/2" over-surface gap electrically, for electrical segmentation of conductor bars. A self-supporting sleeve.

Bending and Cutting - Saf-T-Bar may be bent against the back, or the open face, of the conductor. Minimum radius 18". Bending against the side of the conductor (the hard way) requires factory bending to order. Minimum radius 24".