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Series T:
Joining Conductor Sections

The joint splice assembly connects and aligns standard 10' conductor lengths. The joint clip is furnished in place on one end of the conductor. End of the adjacent conductor slides into joint clip and is pulled up tight with joint tool.

A 4" joint cover slides over the exposed joint area to complete the insulation. The joint cover locks in place by means of indents and is formed of the same material as the insulating conductor cover.

An excellent low cost connector for push-pull applications and a self-supporting collector for a variety of mobile power applications.

Power Feed - A terminal lug with insulating cover, TF100, is provided as a feed which clamps onto 3/4" length of bare conductor and which will accept wires up to #6 flex. Rated at 100 amperes it is used in pairs for higher ampere requirements. The conductor may also be fed by securing a standard terminal lug to the 1/4" hole in the end of the conductor and taping over it for insulation.

Series T Power Feed and End Caps

End Cover - The end cover TN100C, required to complete the insulation of the conductor, is a sleeve extending 1/2" over the end of the bar. As an alternative, the conductor may be cut back so that the regular insulating cover extends 1/2" beyond the end of the conductor. This end cover may also be used as a transfer end cap having a ±1/8" tolerance with a 1" gap setting on interlocks.