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Series J: Hanger Clamps

Mounting - Hanger clamp brackets can be attached to the runway beam by welding or bolting. Conductor must be spaced at least 2 inches apart. Hanger clamp brackets will require 3/8" holes for hanger clamp bolts of 5/16". Conductor hanger clamps should be slid onto the rail and positioned relative to the appropriate hanger clamp bracket so that when the rail is raised into place, the hanger clamps may be bolted to their respective bracket. Hanger clamp cross bolts should be tightened so that the rail will slide easily, but will be securely supported.

Series J Hanger Clamps

Part # Indicated Usage
JA-400H Indoors, clean, dry applications, zinc plate
JA-400HN Indoors, dirty, dry applications, coated
JA-400K Indoors, wet, dirty applications, spool and zinc plate
JA-400KN Indoors, outdoors, wet, dirty, corrosive applications, spool and coated
JA-400P >Can be used to replace all above hangers; Polycarbonate Lexan
JA-400PH Lexan hanger and rain hat

Expansion Gap Assemblies

Expansion Gap Assemblies are preassembled, ready to be installed between two adjacent sections of rail. Each end of the expansion mechanism is attached to its mating rail end with a power feed type rail splice. The expansion mechanism is a telescoping interleaved unit, having a travel of 4", providing a constant sliding surface for the collector shoe for mechanical support only. The gap assembly is 6" long closed and 10" expanded. The gap assembly should be set at 2" when installed at 60°F for average use.

Expansion gap assemblies are based on 280' conductor intervals with a 100°F temperature variation. Aluminum conductors will expand one inch in 70 feet per 100°F temperature variation. If greater temperature variations are expected, a proportional decrease in the 280' interval is required.