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Series J: Conductors

Conductors are joined by a bolted splice assembly, comprised of two stacked concave stainless steel spring plates, aluminum splice bars, steel bolts, and hex assembly nuts. For correct installations, both spring plates are located as a pair inside the conductor cavity. The steel bolts should be tightened to 60 inch lbs.

Powerfeeds for Supply Power connections are designed to be installed instead of a rail splice joint, where required. A suitable insulating cover is provided so that the terminal face is protected from accidental contact. Installation of powerfeed joints is the same procedure as for regular conductor rail splices.

Conductor Rail Characteristics

Combined weight per foot
Weight of aluminum per foot 6101-T6
Widght of 304 stainless steel per foot
Aluminum cross sectional area, sq. in.
R - Resistance OHMS/Foot at 20°C
Z - Impedance OHMS/Foot 3.5" c/c
Z - Impedance OHMS/Foot 5.0" c/c
Weight of vinyl cover/Foot