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Series H: Power Feeds

Powerfeeds for Supply Power connections are designed to be installed instead of a rail splice joint, where required. A suitable insulating cover is provided so that the terminal face is protected from accidental contact. Installation of powerfeed joints is the same procedure as for regular conductor rail splices. It is necessary to cut the insulating cover back by an additional 1-1/4" to accept the increase in length of a powerfeed over a splice joint.

Powerfeed conductor bar surfaces are prepared with electrical joint compound using the same procedure as on conductor splices.

End Cap - Standard length rail having 3-1/4" exposed ends may be insulated by a 4" flexible boot or end cap. Standard and short length rail ends may be insulated by a 4" extension of the cover beyond exposed rail and be designed as end lengths.

Cutting - Power rail may be field cut with a hacksaw as required. Remove sharp edges on cut conductor ends by deburring with a file.

Transfer End Caps are used on transit type conductor applications having switching mechanisms.