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Series H: Expansion Gaps

Expansion Gap Assemblies are preassembled, ready to be installed between two adjacent sections of rail. Each end of the expansion mechanism is attached to its mating rail end with a powerfeed type rail splice. The expansion mechanism is a telescoping interleaved unit, having a travel of 8", providing a constant sliding surface for the collector shoe for mechanical support only. The gap assembly is 12" long closed and 20" expanded. The gap assembly should be set at 4" when installed at 60°F for average use.

Expansion gap assemblies are based on 500' conductor intervals with a 100°F temperature variation. If greater temperature variations are expected, a proportional decrease in the 500' interval is required. Conductor systems up to 500' in length that are either all indoors or all outdoors can be center-anchored and do not require an expansion gap assembly. Systems that are longer than 500' require expansion gap kits every 500' or fraction thereof. Systems that pass from inside to outside in areas of extreme temperature variation should have an expansion gap kit located just within the building. The center point of all conductor runs using expansion gaps requires an anchor clamp kit to locate rail settings.

Tandem collectors are required on any crane runway system using expansion gap kits to provide current draw when passing through the expansion gap mechanism.

At expansion gaps, keep the slide mechanism within 2' of brackets by adding an extra bracket 5 feet from the nearest regular bracket. Stainless steel expansion units are available for corrosive applications.

Isolation Joints are required for circuit segmentation and comprise two insulating angles with attachment hardware to secure and space the adjacent rails.