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Series C:
Hanger Clamps

Cross Bolt Hanger Clamps are factory set to snap in place but must be field adjusted for correct sliding tension after installing the conductor.

The following styles are available:
100H Use indoors, clean, dry applications
100HSS Use indoors, corrosive applications (stainless steel)
100HN Use indoors, dirty, dry applications - plastic coated hanger
100K Use indoors, outdoors, wet, dirty applications - plated spool hanger
100KSS Use indoors, outdoors, wet, dirty, corrosive applications (stainless steel) - spool hanger
100KN Use indoors, outdoors, wet, dirty, corrosive applications - plastic coated spool hangers
100H3-1 Use indoors, clean, dry applications - requires staggered collector mounting
Series 'C' Hanger Clamps
Attach hanger clamps* to brackets. Snap three ten-foot conductors into place in clamps. Take up on cross bolts to allow conductor to slide in expansion, except the clamp at the anchor point which is taken up tight. It is preferred to tighten hanger mounting bolt after conductor is installed in hanger clamp, as this ensures correct conductor hanger alignment. Snap next three conductors in place and make up joints working from inside conductor outward. C Series has a friction joint that is pulled together with a lever type tool.

* Anchor Hangers: Torque cross bolts to 6 ft. lbs.
Sliding Hangers: Tighten cross bolts, then back off 1/4 turn.

Plastic Hangers are for use only on Series C PVC cover rated to 160°F, with holding rib. For high temperature applications, use cross bolt hanger clamps.

The following types are available:
100P Can be used to replace 100H, 100HN, 100K, and 100KN. Has same mounting dimensions as 100H hangers.
100P3-1 Same as 100P above. Replaces 100H3-1. Use indoors and for wet and dirty conditions. Requires staggered collector mounting.
100P3-2 Same as above, only conductor in on 2" centers. Collectors are not staggered.

All push-on snap hangers require a firm press to seat the conductor into the hanger clamp. To remove conductors from push-on hangers, it is recommended that the conductor be slid from the hanger to prevent damage.
100PA Anchor hanger - Plastic hanger with fiber pin anchor device. Plastic snap hangers incorporate a fiberglass filler for added strength.
End Caps - The black nylon end cap is driven onto the end of the conductor to complete the insulation. Contoured to permit passage of the collector shoe, end caps can be used in pairs at switch transfers, interlocks, expansion gaps and isolation points. Trim conductor slot after installation.

Powerfeeds provide electrical connections from power source to conductor bar and may be located at any point, preferably near the center of the system. The powerfeed is 1-1/4" long, clamps to the top lobe of the conductor with 1/4" screws. The powerfeed is insulated by a cover and a nylon cap. Feeder lugs furnished by request only. Special extra-large powerfeeds are available for attaching single and double bolt 350mcm terminals.

Pick-up Guides (CP 100) - Used with self-centering collectors only to allow collector to leave conductor and be retracked on return. For discontinuous circuits such as bridge controls or long breaks in conductor, as at fire doors. Requires that conductor be mounted on 3" centers minimum. Provided with hanger clamp and end cap. Install conductor one inch into guide throat.

Transfer Guides (CT 100) - are available for conductors-to-conductor transfer with excessive alignment problems. Self-centering collectors are not required, but dual collection is required if a power interruption cannot be tolerated. Install conductor 1-1/2" into guide throat.

CA 100-IS Isolation Sleeve is used to electrically isolate adjacent conductor sections with a 1/2" over surface gap. The sleeve will support adjacent conductor sections, but must have hangers within 6" of each side of the isolation sleeve. Collectors bridge the gap electrically. Two sleeves separated by 6" of conductor are required to prevent collectors bridging the gap as in signal or control functions.